Unable to use FilletEdge

Hi, I’m quite new in Rhino and I need help with this. I’m trying to fillet the edges of this model and it becomes like this (see attached) and I’m unable to trim the unwanted bits. What am I doing wrong? I tried to use FilletSrf as well, but it just does the same thing.



Could you share the model by uploading it here?
It’s much easier to tell what causes the error if we can test with the file.

You can upload with this button:

Hi, thank you for reply! Here is the file:

phone handset.3dm (121.5 KB)

use the command ShowEdges switch to Naked Edges and you see that you have unjoined edges.


The ShowEdges command reveals that the 2 bottom edges are not closed.


You shloud try and recreate the bottom surface to make it join to the rest.


lofting the sides should do, but you still have some issues here, take a closer look


you have some overlapping micro surfaces, you have to remove that.


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Thank you, it helped! :slight_smile: