Unable to select faces for duplicate face edge?

anyone else having issues selecting faces for duplicate face edge in the latest beta?

Hi - DupEdge seems to be working fine here.
If that is not what you are having problems with, please provide more details…

here’s a surface that’s not letting me select edges. thank youUntitled.3dm (10.1 KB)

oh, when i run “mergealledges” does that wipe out edges i can select?

Hi -

I see that you can’t sub-object select a single edge of this trimmed surface - is that the issue you are reporting?

If I understand the question correctly, no, that shouldn’t lead to the behavior that I’m seeing with that surface.

Do you recall how the surface was made? Do you still have the input geometry and can reproduce the surface from that input?

yeah, that’s what i’m having issues with. as far as how i created it, i’m not sure, i can’t remember. :frowning:

untrim your surface, keeping trim objects-

explode your curve and then retrim your surface. The edges will behave now-

thank you!

is this a bug?

hard to tell in this case…I don’t run across this much in my practice, but I have seen it…

Could be a bug, or could be “just one of those things” that shows up rarely…

if you see it more often than very rarely, please post it-

here’s my file that has a whole bunch of offending surfaces. it’s not the cleanest model, i’m cleaning up somebody’s horrible job they did in solidworks.errors.3dm (150.3 KB)

was the other one from solidworks as well?


ok, then that leads me to believe the problem lies in the source, not in rhino…

BUT, at least we have an easy workaround as outlined above…

i just noticed this when running details on a bad surface.

here’s the source file i started with, i’m not sure what software it came from but this is before i did anything solidworks on my end.source.igs (907.9 KB)

2020-08-12 14_21_27-Window

any idea what the export settings were?

no clue.

i’m going to start another thread because the same model when copied over to V6 works fine. so maybe there is something else going on.

no… keep it here- If it works in 6 but not 7 we need to look at it-

so testing it here…it’s a v7 file to start with, and v6 won;t open it. so If I back save it from v7 to v6 I get the same issue (one continuous edge)

how are you getting it into v6?

oops, i already created it. :frowning:

i was just copy and pasting in between them.