DupEdge only partially selects surface?

Not sure why DupEdge only partially selects the edges of this surface. Any insights?


DupEdge_Problem.3dm (71.2 KB)

The edges have probably been split at those points - as a result of joining to something else perhaps… You can try MergeEdge to see if you can remove the splits…


there’s a problem using MergeEdge in mac rhino. (missing dialog).

in this case, you can run MergeAllEdges on the surface and the splits will heal… (obviously, this could be a problem if you’d only like to merge one edge of said surface… according to the screenshot though, it looks like merge all will be ok here)

Hmm, yes, I see that now, thanks… However, it does seem to complete despite the missing dialog…


maybe i’m using the command wrong then? when i’ve tried it in the past or when i try it on the file in the thread, i can’t merge the split edges into one… i’m assuming i should be able to pick two edges to merge together but it only lets me select one then the command completes and nothing appears to have happened.

if i subselect the edges that i’d like to merge first then run the command, it ignores the selection and prompts me to pick a new edge…

i’m on my way out right now but i’ll read the help tonight to become more clear on what that command is supposed to do.

Many thanks, guys!

Any ideas what created this issue? My workflow was using Sweep2. I started with several joined curve segments (pretty sure all endpoints were coincident, unless I flubbed something) to create two separate curves. I then rebuilt both with the exact same number of points and degree. Woulda thought a clean surface would have been the result?

Possibly worth noting is that the two separate curves which were joined were mixed degree 1 and 2, but once rebuilt they were all the same. Hmmmm……

Is there a better way to do this?


Should have been… If you have two continuous curves and you sweep along them, the result should be continuous including the edges… Can you post the original curves?


If I find the original curves, I’ll post them. I may have deleted them along the way.