Rhino 5 - DupEdge Selects But Doesn't Duplicate Edges

I’ve used DupEdge many times with no problem. But now I have a valid, closed polysurface from which I’m trying to duplicate some edges, and they don’t duplicate. When I click on them, they highlight blue, but when I press Enter, they disappear, and are not created. The output layer is set to “Current”. When I turn off the other layers, I can’t zoom extents, because there are no objects visible. So the curves are not being created. I tried re-booting the entire computer, but still I can’t duplicate edges.

Hi Paul - does your current display mode have Curve display turned off by any chance?
If it is just one file, please send us that…


I don’t think so. I went to Rhino Options, View, Display Modes, Shaded (current mode), Objects, Curves, and it says “Use Objects’ color”; Curve width (pixels): 1.
The file is attached.BOSS SKS19780 5210-814-522.3dm (4.9 MB)

Hi Paul - there is one curve in this file

that looks it might be from duplicated edges.

Is that what you expect?


Yes. That’s the one I created. Several times. Why can you find it, but I can’t? Which layer is it on? The layer “Fin” was current when I duplicated the edges.

Oooooooh. I see. I need to click on the Display tab on the right (not the pull-down menu). “Curves” was turned off. Thanks Pascal.

Yep, they are on Fin - many duplicates, btw from your multiple attempts. Check your Display panel for Curves. And your Selection filter as well.