Unable to recover minimized GH window in Win10

My colleague and I are having the same problem - in windows 10, when using grasshopper, after minimizing the GH window, it is impossible to get it back. even running the hyphenated version of the command doesn’t help (-grasshopper editor show etc)

Just discovered I can get it to come back if I minimize and un-minimize rhino, but this is not ideal. any thoughts?

Minimizing and unminimizing Rhino is how I always have to get GH back, which is also why I never minimize GH, I always just double click the title bar.

I added a check for minimized window in the _Grasshopper command and it will now unminimize it. Hopefully making this less painful.

cool, thanks - that definitely helps. Will that change be pushed to rhino 5/gh in any way, or only to the wip/gh1?

There will never be any more updates for Rhino5. Haven’t been for years now. I’m not sure I’ll manage to merge this code before today’s WIP goes out though, it’ll probably be available next week.