Grasshopper Window Disappears Etc

Quite often during long executions when I let Rhino sit there either in front of me or backgrounded, the Grasshopper window completely disappears and I must exit the Rhino window and reenter it using the task bar to get Grasshopper to pop back to visible. Typing “Grasshopper” again doesn’t help.

Similarly frustrating is how minimized Grasshopper on the lower left corner often fails to expand again at all but expands in the same size so I must drag its size bigger in place so I can then move it to a normal location on the right.

The first problem has been going on for years! This is still happening in every version so far of WIP too.

I have never experienced the first issue. Perhaps you mean that Grasshopper gets minimized while running a calculation, which you can bring it up if you just minimize and maximize the Rhino window.

I think this is a Windows issue not Rhino’s since I get the behavior also with other applications.

Regarding the second issue. Why not just double click Grasshopper’s titlebar instead of minimizing it?

yes, both things also happen to me all the time, my Rhino is fully updated, same for windows 10

for the first problem, when the GH windows disappears, I usualy double ALT+TAB and it comes back in foreground: I think it’s something related to the GH process being “buried in calculations” because most of the times it happens when heavy definitions get updated or re-calculated from scratch
the weird thing is that all the GH geometry previews are still on my screen, it’s just the GH windows which goies in background (or just disappears) until I recall the Rhinoceros windows

about the second problem, that is the reason why I don’t minimize it anymore, I just drag it almost completely out of the screen… but this is also not a solution to the problem :slight_smile:

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