Impossible To Open File

Hi !

Yesterday I have work on my file without problems.
And this morning when I want to open the same file on rhino, that was not possible …

I’m on Windows 10 and I use Rhino 6.

My problem :

When Rhino starts all is well. But when the 4 views load, the soft freeze, and no more action is possible. I’m obliged to close Rhino because Windows say me : “Rhino not reponding”

P.S : Excuse me for my approximative english ^^


Hi Kévin - does the file load when you launch Rhino in safe mode?
Can you post the file here?

Hi !

Thank for your help !

I have solve the problem, it’s my second screen. When I remove HDMI of this one, the file is opened correctly. I don’t no why … XD