Unable to open correctly a dwg file with ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY


I’m unable to open correctly a dwg file in Rhino. Somz parts are missing (by comparison to a dwg viewer) and I have multiple message during the opening saying that ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY is not supported : “type d’entité non géré : AcDbProxyEntity, ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY”.
Can we so some manipulation in Rhino to be able to view these entites ? Or should I ask from the person who generated this dwg file to do something in Autocad ?

Rima Ghazal

See What’s an ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY? - Autodesk Community - AutoCAD

Looks like you will need the original author’s help.

Thanks for your quick reply !
Ok I’ll try to see what the author can do…