Unable to login with registered email - ID Rhino 6

Unable to retrieve licenses

So, your Rhino licenses are in a RhinoAccount (“Cloud Zoo”) and you can’t access them from Rhino? Do you see them when you go to accounts.rhino3d.com, log into your Rhino Account, and go to the “Licenses” section?

Licenses are on cloud zoo.
I am getting your google account is not linked to your Rhino account. Sign in with your google account instead.

i keep giving same message.

Well, seems like maybe the Rhino account may have been created with a sign-in other than Google…

Account used to work before. stopped working now. I have similar other account which is in working condition.

Well, then you need to contact support@mcneel.com directly, only they have access to the account system and can fix stuff that is not working…

Thank You.

I have send email to support@mcneel.com