Unable to load raytraced plugins after latest 7.4 SRC install

After the 7.4.21040.13001, 2021-02-09 install the Rhino startup displays two error messages:

Unable to load RaytracedBlendMaterial.rhp plugin: initialization failed
Unable to load RaytracedMaterials.rhp plug-in: initialization failed

@jeremy5 please update these packages from PackageManager

Thanks @nathanletwory - that fixed it.

Hi @nathanletwory,

One follow-up: When Rhino is restarted after downloading the two packages, it only installs one - you have to do a second restart to install the second. Is installing one at a time by design?

This is by implementation. @will and @Trav have been working on the PackageManager. I think we have somewhere already a bug logged for this.

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