Snaps not working the way they used to after 7.4 update

So, since I downloaded the most recent update to rhino seven (7.4.21067.13001) I am now getting an error on startup that says “unable to load raytracedmaterials.rhp plugin.”

But the dealbreaker is this: when I go to create a surface, I’ll snap to an end point of an existing object for the first point, and then I’ll snap to the other end of that object and type in the distance I want for that edge (say, 4’) and click, but instead of making a 4’ edge coincident with the existing object’s edge, it brings the edge all the way to the end point of the existing object I snapped to.

I kinda feel like I’ve got to be doing something obviously wrong, but I swear this is the way I’ve made 4’ edges coincident to other objects the whole time I’ve been using Rhino.

Hello - you are not doing anything wrong - there is a bug - you can get the fixed (7.5) version by changing the ‘Update frequency’ in Options > Updates and Statistics page to ‘Service release candidate’


You’ll have to update the plug-in from the PackageManager.

Thanks for confirming my sanity!