Unable To get Rid of naked edges on a mesh

Hi, this mesh is getting me crazy…

The mesh in cuestion is created from surface UVs. Surfaces are in reality a brep face… Just to put this in context. All done in GH. When baked I notices that merged face has still “inner” naked edges. In the image they are shown as wider edges.

I tried welding the mesh, welding the edges, the vertices… What more can I try? What is those edges resisting to be welded. What am i missing? why I cannot weld the vertices that are (apparently) in the same place?

Hello - try MatchMeshEdge


Thanks Pascal, but it didn’t work…
I’m working with Rhino WIP. Saved to Rhino 6 and merged meshes correctly!
Could be a bug?

So strange. Then with new meshes doesnt worked even in Rhino6…

Anyway, I finally figure out a solution by try and error. I applied HealNakedEdge API method to the mesh before baking it, and it actually “healed” it!

If someone would explain me what was ocurring with this mesh I would be very gratefull. I solved the problem, but with that bad feeling of dont knowing what has hapenned…

Do you have the original mesh? It would be easier to answer if we can examin it.

thanks holo, yes my bad. Will share here a sample ASAP.

Today I tried again what @pascal suggested, and I worked perfectly. I guess yesterday I was too tired/frustrated.

Anyway,I still find util the “HealNakedEdges” of Mesh class, since It is programatic and no user interaction needed.

So, I will share a sample mesh of a group of “touching” meshes that doesnt avoid the naked edge on junction edges after a “merge” operation. I would like to understand why is happening with this particular meshes, so if any of you are kind enough…

Again, thanks @pascal for providing a working solution.

NakedEdgeMesh.3dm (348.8 KB)