Mini Naked Edge Cluster - Please Help!

Hello - I’ve got two micro naked edges i can’t seem to get rid of. (See attached file)

I have tried:
explode -> rebuild -> CHANGE ABSOLUTE TOLERANCE to .01 -> Join

and none have worked.

I have also been told, but am having trouble understanding how _DupEdge and _mergeEdge can help me here…

Any help anyone can offer re: making this a closed polysurface would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!

NakedEdge_FAIL.3dm (818.5 KB)

I couldn’t fix this to my satisfaction eiter, although I did get a closed, valid polysurface. It still has issues, as you can see in the image showing the gap in the render mesh. I’ll post anyway in the hope it spurs someone else to do a better job.

For what it’s worth, I chopped off the offending corner, built some new edges by extending and intersecting the remaining surface edges, untrimed the surfaces and retrimed with the new edge curves.

NakedEdge_FAIL-closed.3dm (2.1 MB)

Not sure but, using rebuildedges might work to get the surface rebuild to the correct isocurve.
It seems at some places the isocurve is not meeting the edges.
But, once you apply rebuildedges you have
to play around again to get polysurface closed…

also tried to deleted the trouble surface the used cap command, but it couldn’t cap, so the part is not planar if you are looking for it to be completely

this is a little different, but maybe this may help? not sure though. at around 40sec is about rebuildingedges

Many thanks for the help! Some good suggestions here. Much appreciated

The origins of the edge problem is that one of the surfaces that meet at that corner is not long enough to reach the corner. Its just a hair short. There is also a tiny little surface in the corner that may have been the result of trying to fix the problem. The tiny surface is also not big enough to cover its trim boundary and shouldn’t be there anyway since as a trimmed surface it is much smaller than your file tolerance.
So delete that surface.

The only good way to fix something like this is to untrim the surfaces with bad boundaries and redo the intersections and then trim and join.
In this case the surface that is short needs to be extended by at least 2 or 3 times your absolute tolerance (>.002"). When you untrim you can preserve the edges so that you only need to replace the one edge where the 2 surfaces intersect and then after you fixed the boundaries of both surfaces then you trim and join.

NakedEdge_FAILx.3dm (543.7 KB)

Of course, Rhino should be able to diagnose the problem and do all this work for you, but don’t hold your breath on that happening anytime in the near future.