Joined Mesh Still Naked


I have a model made up of three meshes. Meshes 1 (cylinder) and 2 (fillet) were meshed from surfaces. Mesh 3 was a meshpatch from the two polylines (red). The polyline between mesh 2 and 3 is the product of DupMeshHoleBoundary of mesh 2. When I join the three meshes and check for naked edges, there is a naked edge along that polyline between meshes 2 and 3. All the vertices line up, why is it still naked?

Is there a better way to generate a flat mesh between curves? Meshpatch seems to fill in the cavities, so I have to go around deleting those extra faces. This is the original mesh:

190930 Temp.3dm (159.4 KB)

Hello - run MatchMeshEdge - take the defaults here.


Thanks. What exactly does it do? And what was the underlying problem? Seems like it split a few faces in a asymmetrical way.



See here:

why is it still naked?

Have you tried welding it?

But mesh 3 was generated from a curve which was derived from the boundary of mesh 2. Mesh 2 and 3 should have a coincident boundary here.

Welding did not remedy the nakedness.

@pascal gave the right solution. I am trying to understand the underlying problem so I am prepared to deal with it the next time it occurs.

Welding by vert distance worked for me (in Grasshopper with MeshEdit)

Before weld by distance you can see that inner circle reads as naked:

After weld by distance now it is not naked there:

Here is the GH and the Mesh file after welding: (4.7 KB)
WeldDist.3dm (342.4 KB)

That’s funny. I have done this in the past. However, I was hoping that Rhino’s weldvertices would work the same way. I did not want to jump into grasshopper for something that seems so simple.

Actually it is simple to join edges, use “match mesh edges” and give DistanceToAdjust = 0.01

Hi @lawrenceyy, try the _PlanarMesh command, it works with holes. Also: check your mesh normal directions before joining (or welding).