Naked edges

Hi, I need to make this helmet a single closed polysurface.
I am stuck here, aparently there are some points that are referenced as naked edges. Is that because on that point the surfaces don’t intersect? Does not make a lot of sense on my head…
Any suggestions on how I can resolve these problems and come up with a single solid?

Thank you!
re-making 30-05-19.3dm (6.7 MB)

I think your problem is not naked edges but learning to build cleaner surfaces. That being said, most of the naked edges can be removed with _RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges command

This is my 1st 3D project, I know it is not built upon the best foundations…
Thanks for the advice!

btw: don’t double post!

There is no rule to make everything with sweeps,lofts or curvenetworks. If the shape is organic then think different. Like primitives and cage edit.

re-making 30-05-19_Kocc.3dm (9.1 MB)