Unable save UI customization in Rhino 6 trial

Rhino version: 6 SR23
OS: Windows 10 Pro

I’ve modified my workspace - relocated panels, setup toolbars, etc. however, the UI is reset after closing and reopening Rhino each time (1 instance of Rhino open and closed). Is this a function of the trial version (I have a licensed version of Rhino 5 at work, and any modifications described above are automatically saved when I close Rhino and are reinstated when opening Rhino afterwards). Thanks for any help.

Hello - I would expect that to work as in V5 - are you running as a user with Administrator privileges?

Does this file exist-



My user account is an administrator and I do have the settings-Scheme_Default.xml at the specified location.

I just noticed that some modifications are saved but not all. For example, the toolbars that I opened and located are opened each time, however, while these toolbars are displayed each time I open Rhino, they are not located where I specified them. The settings-scheme_default.xml file is being written to with each closing, so it doesn’t seem to be an issue with access to the file to write the changed settings.

Hello - please try this, assuming you typically run Rhino maximized on your monitor:

  • Restore (‘un-maximize’) Rhino and adjust its size by hand to be as nearly maximized as possible.
  • Arrange your stuff.
  • Maximize Rhino

Close and reopen - any better?


You assumed correct! I tried the steps specified, but no difference - UI is mostly reset.