Un-smooth mesh

Hey guys,
This must be a very basic question:
I’m trying to create a low-poly tree, using ReduceMesh, however it stays smooth. How do I remove the smooth effect from the geometry?


Hi Jonish,

_Unweld 0 should do it.


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Thank you, that’s it.


You can also tell the Rhino display pipeline to ignore the mesh facet weld angle by turning on “Flat shade”. It’s a display option or can be togged on/off by right clicking on the viewport name:

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Thanks John, in this case my goal was to create an asset in this low-poly aesthetic, so unwelding is what I need. Changing the display would affect other stuff in a scene.

That’s true.
I use Flat shade a lot when I’m slogging through mesh clean up so I can see what’s going on better. I also usually set an ugly backface color.


I’m trying to do the same, but the result stays smoothed after Unweld 0, what did I do wrong?


I did another test:

  • Create a box
  • Convert it to mesh and delete the original box polysurface
  • Weld it with 120° (>90°) angle tolerance : it becomes smoothed
  • Unweld it with 0° angle tolerance : it does not unsmooth

Is this a Rhino bug?

Seems to work here in both Rhino V5 and V6. Can you provide a sample file where it doesn’t work?

Oops, my bad. I confirm it works