Is there a way to weld meshes without Phong

Is there a way to weld meshes without Phong? The auto-smoothing makes me annoying, I don’t want it display like that, but still need meshes to be welded.

Because if I unweld and export to obj, the edges are actually separated.

I believe the command you’re seeking is FlatShade.

I’m afraid it doesn’t work. That’s my model, is there something wrong?
Gate.3dm (142.1 KB)

Your mesh seems okay. I’ve checked for the usual culprits, like non-manifold edges, non-unified normals, etc. I’ve also rebuilt the UV-map, made sure edge smoothing is off, and checked other things.
In my opinion, the default quality of the Rhino Rendered view is simply not great.

It produces some kind of noise along sharp edges that I also don’t know how to get rid off.
The harsh projection of the studio environnement that seems to do the lighting also doesn’t help.

Fast render times are possibly more important than accuracy in this view.
If you however render the mesh, it turns out fine.

That said you can introduce edge loops close to the mesh edges to harden the mesh. This seems to mitigate the effect at least, but that will alter your mesh topology, which might not be desired.

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What is your export target application?

Zbrush and C4D

Wow, sooo thx~ I’ve picked up some new tips on mesh and rendering.

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