Mesh Tools -> Added faces do not look smooth in render view

Dear all,

I’m using Rhino now since several days. I opened a .obj file which contains a sphere. Using the render view, it looks very smooth and nice. If I now use the “Mesh tools” -> “Remove face”, to remove a face and just add a new one at the same place using “Mesh Tools” -> “Add face”, this part looks really sharp and not smooth anymore.

I hope I explained it correctly. If someone needs more details, just tell me, I will upload a animated gif or so. But maybe this is a well known behavior and also easy to solve.

Please help me.

Hi Rose- use Weld (try 22.5 degrees) on the mesh - is that better?


Hi Pascal,

I just tried with 22.5 degrees but it only help a little bit. I increased the angle tolerance up to 45 degrees but still not all of the added faces are smooth. Why is that?

My mesh is quite coarse, but this should not be a problem right?

I just activated “WeldEdges” now and it masks exactly the regions where the faces do not look smooth. Why is that?

Hi Rose- set the angle to 180 to weld everything…


Dear Pascal,

it did not take all of my new faces away. Even with 270° it did not work.meshme.3dm (68.1 KB)

I uploaded the file here. Could you explain what I do wrong? I do not get it. Thanks a lot for your fast responses. I highly appreciate your answers.

Hi Rose - try:




Thanks Pascal. It worked. Great.