Type of image of Modify Appearance Assest

Hello every one,
i would like to assign a photo material to a terrain by rhino inside revit , the input image also error ,may i know which type of image it needs, thanks

It requires a bitmap asset input which you can construct using the “Construct Bitmap Asset” component, the input icon/info are not so clear about it but if you analyze the appearance asset for an existing material as shown below, you will see that the output is a Bitmap Asset… so in conclusion the input also requires that.

Hope this is what you are looking for…


thank you so much and your help

Does anyone know if this workflow is possible for appearance assets that aren’t generic? I tried it with a ceiling and received an error -

  1. Can not set value of Bitmap Asset (C:\Users\XXXXX\Downloads\ImageTest.png) on schema property generic_diffuse | Revit API Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Which makes sense as the component is for Generic Assets, just curious if its coming soon for other assets.

please check it for appearance assets , i am worry about the UV if correct