New Rhino.Inside.Revit realease now with advanced Material components. 11-4-2021

We released a new build today that highlights new Revit Material components.

With these components:

  1. Create and Manipulate Material properties
  2. Create and analyse Graphic properties of a material.
  3. Create and analyze Render (appearance) assets

A new Materials Guide can help understand what is possible.

Also introduced a Wall by Profile component.

We also worked to improve stability of Rhino.Inside.Revit.

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 13.34.33


Dear Scott,

thanks a lot for these very helpful components.

I was trying to use the “Deconstruct Bitmap Asset” to node to get the texture path and I noticed that it doesn’t work with the bump map output from the “Analyze Appearance Asset” node. It seems that diffuse and bump map output are different data types.

I managed to extract the texture path with Python and it seemed that the type for bump map and diffuse map are the same here, so I was wondering if this might be a bug.

I’m using my python scripts for now, but I’d prefer to use your grasshopper nodes, they are so much more convenient to use.


Yes, I think see the problem here:

We can report it to the Github Repo Issues list.

I added this report. Feel free to add to it:

Thank you!

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