Two Issues for GH Style

I have two issues for GH style

  1. One is language-related issue. When I use Korean language for parameter name in grasshopper definition, they are not properly imported into VA GH style.

Parameters Test.3dm (2.7 MB)
Parameters (12.4 KB)

  1. The other one is “Deconstruct Parameters” issue. When I import parameters by “Object”, I can get them in grasshopper, but when I import them by “Style”, I can not. Is there any way to get parameters in grasshopper when import parameters by “Style”

Deconstruct (6.2 KB)



Yes, we’re aware of this issue. The problem is that parameters need to have an internal name which must be unique, and the function that generates this name doesn’t work fine with non-Latin character. We’ll fix this issue in VisualARQ 2.13.

The components “Property names”, and “Object parameter” only work with parameters that are editable by the object passed in the “O (Object)” parameter. When a parameter is set to be editable “By Style”, this parameter does not exist for the instance object (well, it exists, but is not applicable for it). You need to deconstruct the element to get the style and query the parameters to the style.



Thanks. It works!