Gh problem with adding parameter value from style object

I tried to apply a value parameter in gh directly to a object style (in this case to a wall style) but It seems not work.
What’s wrong? Thank you

Hi @fn_a,

Please, send me the file and I will check it.

Hello @alfmelbev,
I attached gh+3dm to test it.
Thank you
Wall Style (32.4 KB)
test_parameter_update value.3dm (5.1 MB)

Hi @fn_a,

I have been testing it and it is working fine to me, are you following this same workflow as well?

Update property

Hi @alfmelbev,
It works fine for me as well but the gh definition is more big and the “wall style” component get the information from another component, so when I test gh definition as well as I send you it’s ok, but when I try the master definition it doesn’t update.
The master definition contains a Climate Studio components.
Thank you

Hi @fn_a,

In that case, please, could you send me the file where it is not working? Are you baking the wall style before updating the parameter?