Element Grasshopper-Style not working


after creating an “Element” with Grasshopper style I can’t change it’s parameters with the properties panel.

For easier traceability of the problem i built the “cone example” from the help dialog and made some screenshots:

As you can see in the last picture there are no inputs for “Höhe” (Height) and “Radius” in the properties panel.

The inputs are also missing after creating other grasshopper styles (column, furniture,…)

It didn’t work on VA 2.2.x, but after updating to 2.3.7.x it is still not working. Rhino itself is also to the latest version.

Did i forget something or made any mistakes in the process?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @chlorophil, while you are in the new grasshopper style wizard, (in the “Parameters” step), you need to set each parameter as “Editable By Object” if you want to change it later on objects using that style from the Properties panel.

This tutorial shows a very similar example: https://www.visualarq.com/features/grasshopper/grasshopper-styles-help/

If you have already created the style, do right click on it and select the “Edit” button to go through the wizard again.
Let me know if you have any doubts.

Hi Francesc,

thank you very much!
I don’t know why i didn’t try that out before.