Internalize visualarq styles in grasshopper

Hi VA Team.
Is it possible to internalize visualarq styles in grasshopper.
I’m working on a completely parametric project that doesn’t need a previous 3dm file. My problem is that if I open the GH definition without the VA styles beeing previously in the 3dm file, VA components don’t know how to behave.

Thanks in advance!

Hi arquitextonica!
Right now it is not possible to internalise styles in GH. We will add this feature in future VisualARQ versions. Meanwhile you can create the styles directly in Grasshopper.

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When I import the styles from my “exported” catalog, it is just a matter of selecting.
Wouldn’t it be nice to import the file to GH and stream the different styles?

Yes, we can consider this possibility. But you can already reference styles with the “Architectural Styles Params”, so there’s no need to create the styles from scratch in GH.

But that is what I meant. If the styles are in the template or in the opened 3dm file, the Architectural Styles will be reloaded, but otherwise I can not have them pre-loaded in GH unless I do it from scratch.
With (I guess almost) all the params, you can internalize the data so anytime you open GH they are there…