Two identical ends and surfacing method sees naked edge point on one

Identical ends yet one sees naked edge point ater same surfacing method !

I need to make it watertight so as to join it to another shape as advised in another thread.

I see two odd triangles at ends, so delete them , use DupEdge on the semicircle and join result, then use surface from planar curves command to select that duped edge and the three straight edges to create surface, using Join to then join to rest of item.

I do the first one, run showEdge and no naked edges. I do the next one and get a naked edge point.

why when both are same ?

How does one resolve a naked edge point when it doesnt show visually the cause ?

The 6mm dia edge was result of filletEdge 3mm on a 6mm thick solid shape, then boolean split with a surface to get solid in file attached.
Running filletEdge 3mm on a 6mm thick solid is ok. the solid had no naked edges, from memory it was a surface revolved 360deg then offsetsrf 6mm. cap solid, then cut with a surface formed from a line sweep2 with rails as the edge of the 6mm arc to give this.

Is this point an issue when item has to be watertight ? File tolerance 0.01mm and I see nothing here zoomed in to what must be 0.000001 MM !!!

attached file showing the problem end and as it was before my fix.
nakedEdgepoint.3dm (539.0 KB)


A test command to the rescue:



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