Naked edge is seen as just a point after mega zoom so is it an issue?

Analysing my model as to what is causing solid export as dxf failure, I see four naked edges, two are edges as such, but two are seen as just a point square, after mega zooming, trying to repair such a pinprick at this level of zoom is a nightmare as things are not visually reliable at this level and movements and so on seem to do odd things.

I can cope with fixing some naked edges but these single point ones…I hate them ! .please advise how best they can be fixed and why such microscopic points are of killer status when it comes to solid export as dxf or cause of boolean failure.

I must also say I created these surfaces using sweeps and they share the same rails AND CORNERS…so why does this happen ?

nakedEdge but its just a point.3dm (170.6 KB)


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Easy fix this one. This sort of thing happens when you can’t bothered to learn how to use Rhino correctly. In this case unnecessary trimmed surfaces combined with who knows what else.

If you are going to respond, please do so politely… --Mitch

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Thanks a lot Statosfear. Now, I notice that it is not a actual full screenshot. Does your wonderful representation of the problem at hand refer to a mark:…
-left behind of sweep 1 rail?
-Left behind from a merge all edges command?

Or are you referring to the mega zoomed in mark, then sweeping it, and running merge all edges?

I am confused. Are you saying you can sweep it, then delete it more easily? Then run your merge edges?

Is there a solution to getting rid of the trim scrap/extend error by altering it in some way to be able to delete it?

Also, can you export/copy objects to get rid of these buggers and continue business? I likely wont be running into this as I know what causes these and don’t trim with ignorance anymore. But sometimes things get funky with wrong clicks, deleting input, hidden lines(misclicks), long hours, and a mindset that isn’t completely focused on task at hand. Basically, if this never happens to you ever again for the rest of your life no matter how far in the model you are before realizing it, and no matter how professional you are you’d be pretty darn good at Rhino in my opinion.

Looks pretty messy but I think those edges going to a point is your problem. I would start again but to fix what you already have draw a curve using _InterpCrvOnSrf as I have done.

next extract that surface and split it with the curve we just drew. delete the pointy bit.

now extract these two surfaces.

duplicate the borders.

Now delete the surfaces and clean up the curves so that you can sweep 2 rails.

Join it all up and the naked edge is gone. HTH

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Thank you very much my good sir. I have read a way before, and figured out or had learned a simple way before but do not remember it. You actually showed how to fix the surface up and join too, though. Kudos.

One day, I’ll have the ultimate joining/merging/watertighting reference put together. Threads like these’s pictures and relevant info will be a part of it. Database, index, searchable, bookmarks, and I’ll never worry about running into this stuff by preventing in the first place. This stuff really is what worries me the most about Rhino. Starting over, after working for weeks, and problems that I will prevent by not wasting my time in the dark to preventative maintenance and signs of these malfunctions.

Then, when I know all the problems like the back of my hand, I can get to everything else and fly through it. For me 3d is something I need to do, to get results I want. But would I rather being doing physical things all day…ya. I need to get my memory back…

Thank you for your kind words, forum is for help, even for those who to the more experienced appear not to want to learn.
I fully intend to learn rhino, I love learning, but instead I found myself expected to produce the goods with no training time, after my initial plough through the courses vol1 and 2, which never covered this territory as much as was needed.

The plan to do so after getting a new PC (win7) was scuppered by Msoft messing up what was a good OS (xp). I am now about to start the planned courses and now get asked to drop that idea and work flat out on a job, here we go again !

Thanks for the diagram, are you saying with the black text this is what was done wrong, or this is what I need to do ?

Thinslicevolta shares my puzzlement.

Sochin…now that is exactly the help one needs, and others can learn from that as well, its the sort of feedback I like to do for others. I hate sweep to a point, there are times it cant be avoided. Command does allow sweep to a point so one presumes its ok. This build was a patchwork quilt of surfaces, you need to see the nightmare of a job to understand why, and that area was the last to get surfaced. I should have revisited it and done as you did. mentally I had said thats it, got the arced surfaces into place, mentally said move on, should have said now lets alter one of them. It was ok for the original client, it was only later on needing to export as dxf it showed a problem.


Glad I could help Steve1 despite being new to Rhino myself. Whenever I come to this forum I am constantly thinking of the very knowledgable people like Mitch and Stratosfear who constantly give their “time” free to the community.

I also assume that given their level of skill their time is very valuable….something that they can and probably do sell for a good price……but choose to give to the community free. I try to respect this by doing as much as I can before asking a question.

Now I would ask you to put yourself in Stratosfear`s shoes…it must be frustrating to see people come to the forum for problems that he considers the basic training included in Rhino covers. Everyone learns differently but in this case I think he is probably right…the only training I have ever done is the built in.

Somebody forcing you to produce in Rhino without having done adequate training is a problem that only you can fix. I understand your frustration but surely you can see that this is not something others can do anything about?

You will always find really skilled people willing to give you their time on this forum but please try to understand why some might get a little annoyed with people like myself who hack away at Rhino and at times consume more of their donated time than I probably should.

You are frustrated with Rhino and being forced to use it without enough training……Stratosfear is frustrated with your question that is asked from a lack of basic study ….and Mitch has the right balance of help and tolerance that we can all learn from.

Good luck.