One vertex coming up as Naked. And I cant seem to close it!

In point mode for solids it comes up as a single point, but still reads as open in edge analysis.
Tried refitting all surrounding edges, but no joy.
Pretty stumped, can anyone shine some light on this?
Thank you all.

vis vertex open.3dm (4.8 MB)

Hi @Simon_Jackson

You can try out testRemoveAllNakedMicroLoops (doesn’t auto complete, so you have to type the entire thing or copy/paste it from here). It sometimes works wonders in removing those pesky naked points/tiny edges.

HTH, Jakob


The naked edge that is a single point can be very hard (or time consuming) to fix. Here is my “super hacky” solution that has saved my students many times.

  • Create a tiny sphere centered on the naked-edge-point
  • Boolean union the sphere to the otherwise closed solid geometry

If you are prototyping, you might not even see the sphere, if its below the print tolerance. Worst case is that you sand it off.

This is when I will tell the students, “So this is why you should slow down when modelling and use your O-Snaps.”

Actually sometimes this does happen even when you meticulously use your OSnaps and all.
Usually it occurs after edge- blending on complex polysurfaces or when tricky booleans are involved.
This can add problematic edges to the tidiest model.

Not to mention it regularly occurs on imported CAD data that was perfectly fine in the 3rd party Software that created it,
Might have to do with tolerances…

Cheers, Norbert

Only one of the 4 surfaces that meet at that point is a trimmed surface.

Extract the surface and untrim it using KeepTrimObjects=Yes
Then trim the surface again with the trim curve and join.

This doesn’t look like anything you did wrong. It is probably a bug.

Such a lot of awesome info.
Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

Thanks. I retrimmed the patch after duplicating its face border and it fixed the problem.
An odd little bug.