Two finger rotation. (Can windows learn from Mac?)

I just transitioned from Rhino for Mac to Windows and I have noticed that it’s near impossible to comfortably model without using an external mouse. On a Mac you rotate by dragging two fingers on the touchpad, which gives you a very comfortable workflow without the need to constantly click the trackpad.

Will proper multi-touch trackpad settings be introduced to Rhino for Windows in the future? Or is there a current way to get it to work either by a secret setting that I’ve missed or perhaps a plugin?

It works on a Mac!


I have recently moved from a Macbook Pro to a Windows laptop and find it very disappointing that the two finger pan using the touchpad is not possible. I’ve searched the site and cannot find instructions for enabling this on a Windows laptop. Please help! I don’t want to carry an external mouse with me everywhere I go just for this one missing feature.