Two colors rendering same item neon/Brazil

I have been meaning to post this for quite awhile and just remembered today. I usually get near the same colors when I render in neon and Brazil. I have attached two images of a ring design one rendered in neon and the other in Brazil.

As you can see the lower stones in the neon render do not show as red but as blue. Needless to say this makes no sense to me because all of my other renders in neon come out great. Any thoughts would be interesting to say the least.

Lower image is Brazil render.

All my best … Danny

I cant imagine what it could be. I could figure it out if I had the model.

I am assuming you will need all of the materials, not sure if I just supply you with the saved file if this includes the materials or not if so I will post it. I figured you would want to have it to see if I have something messed up on my end.

All my best … Danny


Just try posting the 3dm file first. That is likely to be enough.


Tried three times to upload the file and it seems its too large little over 4 MB where can I email it.

All my best … Danny

Got it - thanks.

The problem is the emission in the material for that object - it’s set to bright blue. The base shader in Brazil and Neon are slightly different - Neon’s tends to be more accurate to the original material definition (because it was written later).

When you’re designing materials, it’s important to try to keep them as close as possible to the real material properties of the object you’re trying to simulate - otherwise you’ll end up with strange and bizarre reactions to environments and lighting. In this case, the gem you’re simulating certainly doesn’t emit light - so its emission color should be black.

  • Andy

Thank you for this feedback as I am somewhat new to rendering I will have to pay more attention to what I am doing when working on a new material.

Thanks again … All my best … Danny