Hey, does anyone have sources for rendering / that list of RGB values for all different materials?

T’would be highly appreciated…

This seems kind of vague, materials don’t just have a solid color in general, there is much more to it, reading your name and it containing ‘design’ I do expect you to know this already of course.

If you have actual materials/pictures, you could use Photoshop to get the average color in RGB values. Or you can try to google for specific materials.

Also on a personal preference, your topic-title should be short & clear, giving more information in the post itself.

"RGB values for materials?"

Post text
"Hey, I’m looking for a list containing RGB values for “all??” different materials. Does anyone know of such a list or other sources for rendering"

Or something like that ; )

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Hi Aviva,

Materials are specific to the rendering engine used to do the raytracing. In my experience, material color is also altered significantly by lighting, reflectivity and environment maps. Keep that in mind if you are trying to match an existing color swatch by way of RGB values only.

OOf… I know, I know, I just used the wrong terminology. I meant that list with proper material settings. There is a huge list compiled out there. I know where else to ask - I will post my answer. thanks. Ok Peter, if it makes you happy

Do Brazil material settings work for Neon?

Yes, for most materials and settings but not all.