Twisting Loft

Hello, help me please. I’m new to Grasshoppers. When I try to build a loft on closed curves, between some loft it turns out normal, and between others there is a twisting of the surface. The curves are constructed as projections on the Mesh. Without the “Flatten tree” module, the surface is not built
Model.stl (1.8 MB) (11.5 KB)


when you adjust curve seams you should connect t output from CurveClosestPoint to t input in CurveSeam.

Sometimes it is good practice to reparamatrize curve.

Considering Loft, yes it needs flattend input to work properly.
It is always a good practice to clean tree branches with null points before Interpolating i.e. Lofting.

Thanks for your help! Form of has become more the right, but would still not such as planned. I’ll think more. %D0%9B%D0%BE%D1%84%D1%822


Another way to do. (5.9 KB)