Advice for lofting 3 closed curves

Hello forum,

Lets start by saying im quite new to grasshopper, but I have tried a lot to fix my problem myself.

I want to loft these three closed curves. Connecting them to the loft component doesnt work straight away, Im not sure why. For that reason I divided each curve into points and then created ‘radially’ interpolated curves. To do this however I had to ofset the point list because otherwise the lines wouldnt be straight (I tried solving it with the seam-component but I just wasnt able to).

It feels however as if this is quite an ineffective way to create the loft. I would like some advice on alternative methods.

Another thing that bothered me with the created loft are the weird lumps seen on the picture below. I know that they are just a result of the changing height of the first closed curve. Nevertheless I would like to recieve some tips on how to control/ smoothen out these lumps.

question (13.4 KB)

Kind regards,
Daniel Jansen
Student at TU/e

Hi @daniel_26
Here I have softened it a little more.
question (249.7 KB)

Have you tried Smooth Mesh?