Issue with lofting of multiple closed curves

Hi Guys,

I have been stuck on an issue for a few days now involving lofting multiple closed curves. The loft I create twists in some sections. I have read a few similar posts regarding this however none solve my problem. It seems that it could be an issue with the direction of the curve, I have tried flipping the curve but due to a co-planar error this does not seem to be possible. I have attached some images to further show the issue I am facing. Any help would be appreciated.

Shape.3dm (2.2 MB) (26.3 KB)

How did you try “flipping the curve”?

This thread is very similar:

If you post your geometry/code, you’ll get a better response.

I used the flip curve (not shown in the image I attached), using the first curve as the guide.

Thanks your post looks helpful, I will have a look at it. I have also attached the files to the original post.

I’m stll using R5 so can’t read your R6 .3dm file to see your geometry:

Complex GH, with Python…?

Ok here is the geometry in R5 format.
What I’ve done in Grasshopper could probably be optimized. This is the first attempt.
Thanks very much for taking the time to have a look. Shape.3dm (2.3 MB)

Use Align sections and you can adjust seams

Awesome!! Thanks very much, that solved it!

The section curves cannot be lofted for good reasons, the main one being that the “slicing” results in multiple cross sections for many planes. You could define a different path so that planar sections all have a single result but how to do that is not obvious.

Why are you trying to change the mesh into a lofted surface?

Hi Joseph,
So basically the whole point is to have a 3D scan thats usable in SolidWorks which doesnt have thousands of surfaces.

This approach uses an arbitrary curve, created manually, as a basis for pFrames (cutting planes). (8.3 KB)