Grasshopper loft not lofting

I’m out of practice with grasshopper and I’m trying to create a closed loft between these four curves. But it isn’t working. I’m not sure why it doesn’t like these inputs. What am I missing?
Thanks, in advance. (15.3 KB)

You need to flatten the input.


The way it is now you are lofting 1 curve with itself in branch 0, 2 curves in branch 0;0 and another single curve in branch 0;0;0.

Flattening the C input puts all four curves into one branch and the result of your loft is a Z shaped ring. If that’s not the desired result, you will have to sort the curves. Let me know if you need more help.

Thanks for the help so far. I do need some trouble sorting the curves. I spent some time last night trying to figure out and haven’t had any luck yet. I’ve got the curves ordered from top to bottom in the grasshopper file.

From a place of just understanding this it feels like the offsets are the issue do I need to convert those?

As Martin already explained, you’re involuntary constructing a data tree (red), which means that only the curves that are grouped within individual branches get lofted.
Here branch {0} and {0;0;0} have only a single curve, so there’s nothing to loft.

As suggested above, you can flatten the C input to destroy the tree and get a simple list of curves that then all get lofted consecutively, or you can do this more elegantly by carefully adapting your paths data (green), thus keeping the historical path information, which is often times handy, especially when dealing with bigger definitions.

Okay I think I’m getting it. I really appreciate the help on this.