Turntable-Animation in Raytraced-Viewport stores background only

In the “raytraced viewport mode”, I use the Turntable-Animation to safe rendered pictures to harddisk. On my old PC this produces wonderful series of pictures. Windows 7 / Rhino 6 SR13 / NVIDIA Quadro K4000

It does not work on my new PC, the rendered pictures are saved to early, right at the beginning of the rendering process. Only the background is stored, some pictures contain the render-preview. Other viewport modes work very well, just raytraced fails. Win 10 / Rhino 6 SR29 / NVIDIA Quadro M600024GB (rhino7WIP installed too, same Problem there, cycles much slower)

Is the problem known?
Is it a bug?
Is it just a check-mark i should click on, a delay to add or rise?
Is there some workaround?


Are you sure these are actually being rendered with Raytraced on your old PC? There are a number of open issues still for a few years that AFAIK haven’t been addressed yet.

@rajaa can you bump the animation tools issues for 7.0 or 7.1 to ensure Raytraced viewport mode works well with them?

Yes, it was Raytraced on both PCs, I used the same file with same settings. I did more testing today, in some cases i also had only background on old PC too. I have no idea why.

Currently I use Rhino7WIP on my new PC to render with “Rhino Render” (which uses cycles now) and it works, but not that fast.

@nathanletwory is this is item you are talking about?
RH-38983 Animation tools now require a delay between frames option
Is there a way to estimate how long it takes to create a raytraced image so that AnimationTools can wait? Perhaps add time setting for the user? Other possible solution? Please feel free to comment on the bug item.

@rajaa, I think the ability to set the sample count before advancing to the next frame would work well.

It is essentially the same as for the ViewCaptureTo* commands. You may recall you added the option _NumberOfPasses. The same principle applies to the animation tools.