Viewport rendering problems - rhino 6

I am having a weird result using RENDERED VIEWPORT. It may be I have strange settings, I don’t know. Here is what’s happening:

  1. I am in SHADED viewport and I click RENDERED viewport. I get image #1 BEAUTIFUL!!! SPECTACULAR!!! But in a split second the viewport goes to …
  2. recreating the image dot by dot, on BLACK BACKGROUND (why?) and it takes a full minute to arrive to the “barely acceptable” image #2.

Is it something I have setted wrong? Because I rarely use the RENDERED, but this time I need it to check how the labels are coming up, and how can I set only to the fantastic image that comes out right away and then … disappears?
Thanks everybody for any help you can give me.

====IMAGE #1

==== IMAGE #2

Hello - what you see there is Raytraced viewport, not rendered. Raytraced initially shows what Rendered will always show, while it is getting under way.


Ok, what I read on the icon that I click is “rendered viewport” and the command is “’_SetDisplayMode _Viewport=_Active _Mode=_Rendered”.
To me it doesn’t matter, don’t understand more than this. If it comes out the Raytraced, I have no idea.

How can I just get the first result that is great and not the other that is not what I need, and have to wait a lot on top of it??
Is there a special setting I have to work on?

And what’s more:
3) I closed the file, nothing changed, openend another one I had to work on, reopened the BOX file and this is what I am getting now. Better, no black background, no pleasent 3D shadow.
NO SETTINGS HAD BEEN CHANGED. Nothing changed anywhere in the program. Only closed file one (box) opened file two, worked on it 5 minutes (no changes), reopened file one with the box. Colors are quite darker now. I have done no change anywhere.
Why is this happening? How can I control it to get the best result?

Looks like the settings are botched then:

Go to Tools > Options > Views > Display Modes > Rendered and press the Restore Defaults button. Probably a good idea to go through all the display modes and hit the button for each. Then close Rhino and restart it. In theory the Rendered mode should now actually be the Rendered mode, not Raytraced.

Spot on, JesterKing, that was it.
I have no idea why I had entered the Raytraced domain, maybe when I was desperate for getting a good/fast/easy rendering solution to the work I was doing.
Now is plainly rendered and BEAUTIFUL.
Thanks a lot!!!