Turning radii edges into 90 degree edges

Hi guys, I’m wanting to convert the radius of these edges into 90-degree edges so everything is more box-like instead of flowing into each other as demonstrated by the picture below. This isn’t a SubD model. Is there an easy way to go about doing this? I tried to delete the radius edges and use the Connect Surfaces command, but it’s very iffy and doesn’t work for most of it.

Hi Jack, try untrim surface.—-Mark

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Hi Mark, thanks for the suggestion. Sadly using the untrim command didn’t really have much effect. Is there anything else that I could try?

There is also the Extend command. That might be slow getting there. Hopefully someone else has a better way.—Mark

There has been a lot of talk here about a new nurbs based app at a a minimal cost and with better filleting … Plasticity https://www.plasticity.xyz/
I wonder if it has functionality more easily unfillet? … since it’s apparently a solid modeler.

The CAD world seems to adher to the “fast - good - cheap” saying, and Rhino is good and cheap, but it is not fast. I’ve done this many times and you have to explode all polysurfaces, untrim, extend and then trim and join manually. It’s very tedious work.

If you want “fast - good” and are prepared to pay an arm and a leg, Siemens NX has what you’re looking for in the “delete face” tool which has blend (fillet) detection, healing and a myriad of options to assist with this.

SolidWorks also has a “delete face” tool that can work very well and extends the surfaces to meet at a corner. Although with the amount of fillets shown in Jack’s image, it would still be a tedious process as you would have to methodically select and delete them in stages.

Just a quick attempt in Grasshopper:

rebuild_edges_from_fillets.gh (133.2 KB)