Any way to unfillet?

I have to rework a model where I filleted edges. Any way to delete filet or un-fillet? Also, you can see in the original portion, lines/edges define the filet. The additional section (made with Sweep1) the filleted edges is smooth. Why is that?

Slide.3dm (773.6 KB)

most probable way to work would be explode, then select the surfaces and rebuild with no retrim. this might at least gives you the intersections to rebuild the surface at your needs. EDIT: it didnt work at all with your file. sorry for the confusion.

sweep has the option to rebuild the cross sections, which would result in rounded edges, while one of the other options would keep the straight edges.

I just split off the edge in top view and extruded to fill the gap. I was just hoping there was some sort of un-fillet tool I may not know existed.

first I would use DivideAlongCreases with SplitAtTangents=Yes:

then MergeAllFaces

then extract the flat face and UntrimAll and grab the remaining edges of the object with Ctrl+Shift to use CreateSolid at the end

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In parametric, “feature based”, solid modelers, fillets are “features” that can be applied to corners. These features can usually be changed and modified by changing the feature parameters.

In Rhino, fillets are modeled surfaces, so there is no “feature parameters” to modify.

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Hello - FilletEdge has an Edit option where you can go in and edit fillets that were added by the FilletEdge command, including removing the edges from the fillet selection. In your object only one fillet is editable though…


@John_Brock @pascal please put this on your todo lists:

I would pay double for a Rhino license that included such a tool for nurbs!

Rhino 8 - is there any solutions to un filleting an edge?

If you had history turned on when using filletedge, then you can run the command again and select Edit.

Unfortunately not

_FilletEdge’s history system is different than that of _History, and is (always enabled) / (enabled by default).
Follow the Edit section on FilletEdge’s help page to attempt to remove the fillets, specifically the “Use Ctrl+click to remove edges.”
Its history is fragile; it’s deleted even when unaffected faces are extracted.

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Perfect thank you.