Sharping mesh edge for better polysurface conversion

I am working on a kind of reverse engineering which I do not familiar. This mesh is done by freeform and I need to change it to polysurface.
I can use quad remesh=> to subd => to nurbs. However the result is not what I wanted, all edges are smoothed out, even though I had the detect creases on.
So, I am trying to do some pre-processing by drawing lines on “fillets” and make a pipe to remove the “fillets”, so that I have some relatively simple mesh face to convert.
My question here is, is there any ways to remake a sharp mesh corner (fillet radius=0) on the removed “mesh fillets”? so that the detect crease will work with expected result?
Thank you very much for any suggestions.

telling from that screenshot only, I don’t see much sense in reconstructing the fillets only.

I would remodel the entire part. won’t take longer than fiddling with all the edges on this badly scanned mesh.

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