Filleting a complex joined polysurface, any ideas?

Hi all, I have made the following set of surfaces (see screenshots attached) and I need to soften/fillet/radius the edges where they join together, or at a minimum show that visually within Rhino.

Photoshop’d version of the above, showing the softened look I’d like to achieve.

It was orginally done on the flat and then a FlowAlongSrf. As all these surfaces end at several sharp points I think FilletEdge and FilletSrf won’t work unless I’m missing something. I’ve tried running a Pipe along the edges, trimming and then BlendSrf between, that was hugely time consuming and didn’t really work anyway! I’ve had a go with mesh then quadremesh and did get something softer but not really good enough.

Thanks in advance anyway, hopefully I’ve been clear!

Looks like pipe/blend surfaces is the way to go (or maybe fillet edges without trimming , then blend)… Yes it will take time but I believe it will work !

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if all you need is for it to be visual, use edgesoftening in the object properties.

you could also quadremesh the part and then convert to subd, or in v8 wip shrinkwrap it with a generous softening value.

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Hi Jamie,

You could also try offsetting the joined surface outwards by a small amount (using the Corner=Round option), which should soften the edges quickly:




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Thank you all for your replies, I’ve tried all these ideas and this model is just not playing ball. The main issue I think is the curves that go between the lines that flow vertically - as everything is concave and to a point it’s just too many directions.

I’ve done a test piece using the Pipe, trim and BlendSrf method (not flowed around yet), with only one of the lines that flow in to the verticals. It works ok and as the reason I need to show it smooth is for approval rather than manufacture, this’ll have to do I think!

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