Turning a set of points into a surface

Brand new to Rhino 6 w/Grasshopper and this seems like the most obvious question but I can’t find any help.
I have a set of equations and I want to see the resulting surface. Instead, they just show up as points in Rhino, not a NURBS surface. Below is a screenshot of my GH definition. I have no other plug-ins, so no MeshPatch or MeshToNurb (suggested in the previous post most similar to my question). I tried getting plug-ins MeshEdit and Millipede but neither one seems to work on my Mac Mohave.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Below is a screenshot of my GH definition.

If you have a definition you can upload it.

query.gh (10.4 KB)

You have your preview set to wire frame in Grasshopper that is why, click the red icon.

Still there is something wrong with your points that I don’t have time to look at at the moment.

You are generating 9261 points, most of them duplicates. Increasing the ‘T’ (Tolerance) value for CullPt from 0.1 to 0.01 leaves 441 unique points, an odd number given the proportions of the point grid. Oddly, this works?

query_2019Nov19a.gh (16.0 KB)

Thank you Michael, I knew it was something obvious to someone who downloaded the software more than two days ago.
And thank you Joseph, that CullPt change removes the excess plane along the origin.

Here’s another approach, using Set on each of the three inputs. And guess what, 21 X 21 = 441 (DOH!), so it makes perfect sense. SrfGrid works as expected in this case, probably because the points are in correct sequence?

query_2019Nov19b.gh (9.9 KB)

A funny thing happens if you graft the ‘Y’ input to Pt (Point) instead of ‘X’. The pattern is rotated 90 degrees…? :thinking:

Where there’s mystery, there is no mastery.
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P.S. The graft X vs. graft Y mystery is explained by the fact that if you don’t graft at all, you get a single “wave” of points aligned at 45 degrees to ‘World XY’. As seen from the ‘Right’ view, they follow the surface if you graph X. From the front view (lower left below), they follow the surface if you graph Y.

Hmmm… Point sequence from CullPt is not the issue, SrfGrid works fine now. I must have had my wires crossed earlier.

query_2019Nov19c.gh (9.0 KB)