Turn off selected object layer in layout detail view command?

Is there a command in V5 to turn off selected object’s layer in layout mode , when in the activated detail view ?

I am currently , activate detail view, select object, select hammer icon atop layer stack, choose ‘select object layer’, scroll all the way down ( I have hundreds of layers) to the layer thats become highlighted (wish it auto scrolled to it) and turn off light-bulb far right, repeat for many many items,

I wish to run a command and just click away in the detail views watching items vanish.


Hi Steve -


Hi Wim,

Excellent, wish I had asked earlier, many hours could have been saved.
Wish the hammer icon ‘show object layer’ had a keyb’d shortcut and scrolled immediately to the layer an item is on.

In fact I wish selecting any item saw the layer its on highlighted and auto scrolled to.

Hope V7 does so.