Turn off layer of selected object or dimension etc..how?

Back to the need for having the layer highlight or shown in some way when I select an item such as a dimension or curve or solid.
I wish to turn off visibility for that layer, it is time consuming looking at another list then trying to find it in my layers palette.
instead whats the quickest way of turning off the layer that the object is on ?

also what is the quickest way of using hide for the objects on that layer, i.e select object then hide it and all other objects on its layer ?

We now see at foot of screen the layer colour and part of its name, I also have at right its full name, selecting either of these does not then indicate the layer, I still have to scroll up and down the list, wonder if its in a contracted set etc.

I have many layers I need to turn off to tidy up and find something in my subject, and ned to do it very quickly.

_OneLayerOff. There’s a button in the layer toolbar for this.


Cheers Pascal.


_SelLayer gives you the option to pick an object and all the objects on the object’s layer will be selected