Turn off Automatic object check not working

Hi. I would really like to turn off the Automatic check error…I tried to run the command an disable it , but keeps poping out.

Any idea of how to disable totally ?

Thanks a lot/

Update to 5.5
Release Candidate 1 for the 5.5 Update to Rhino for Mac is now available

What’s New in 5.5:

  • Changes to support macOS Mojave
  • Changes so Rhino 5.5 and Rhino 6 for Mac will share preferences
  • Fixed a bug where CheckNewObjects [could not be disabled]("Check new objects" window is popping up after every command)
  • Units should now display properly in the status bar
  • Changing layer materials no longer asks you to save
  • SDK: Minor RhinoCommon bug fixes
  • Performance and stability enhancements


Wow! My rhino is not showing me the updates :frowning:

Rhino 6??? in MAC ? ?? how? My mac rhino says “up to date” and is 5.4

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Thanks a lot ! Is it possible my license is not matching. The one I need to input to download is the one that appears in my starting floating window on rhino 5? It is not matching. I tried to search within my email (when I bought it) and can not find the license number …

Any idea? I am really really curious to test 6.

Thanks a lot

For licenses issues, you really need to contact sales@mcneel.com.

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Unfortunately I think I can not test Rhino 6 with educational license…:frowning:

Any purchased MR50(x) license key should work for this.

Ok Thanks! I will communicate with license support. Cause It is little bit tricky to make the 6 work …at least for me…asking me a lot of things .

Apparently I need to pay. According to Mcneel the license for Rhino 5 its not valid :frowning:

Current, version 5.5 is a Release Candidate, which means it has not been widely published yet (hence no update warning). Before inflicting a major update on lots of users, we want to make sure you have had a chance to see if we have made improvements or caused major regressions.

If all well, we plan to more widely publish 5.5 soon.