Tube from predetermined path

Hi All,

I’m looking to create a solid (tube) along a predetermined path. I created a set of polylines for the tube to follow. The tube will be about 1" - 3" in diameter.

Anyone know how to accomplish this in rhino or grasshopper?

Use the Pipe command.

Pipe, but I think you may run into problems making that work in the current unit system and tolerance - I’d change the file to Inch and tolerance of .001 (Let it scale) or set the tolerance in the Foot file smaller say .0001 or smaller. In the Feet file, make sure to enter the radius as say 3" .


Pipe. Works perfect.

Is there a command to clean up the overlapping (bending) segments? Trim, Booldifference?

Use Trim- the hard part may be finding the right miter plane to trim with - but if you set the file tolerance to .0001 feet, I think it will clean up on its own,at least with a radius that does not cause sel-intersections.