Creating tubes

I have a need to create a tube with a tight bend radius. Rhino performs this construct but the tube created folds over itself on the inside radius. I want to eliminate this fold and trim at the tube where it intersects itself. Does anyone have a technique for either constructing the tube without the fold or trimming off the fold after construction.

Also a wish for R6 - the automated creation of an irregular closed object centerline.

If you can post a file of what you have done it will give us an idea of what you are trying to do.

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I tried to paste some pictures in the original post but was not successful. Here is a file that is representative. Tube.3dm (456.4 KB)

I think it’s going to be tricky to make cleanly in all cases - there might be blood, but the basic incisions to make are like so, I would say:

The red is a NetworkSrf.


This might not always be possible, but it works; perfectly smooth, no self-intersecting surfaces, relatively simple modeling.

I used a narrow parabola for this example (red); it’s a pretty small curve, and a relatively large diameter cylindrical surface (green) smoothly navigating the sharp curve. The solution; Sweep 1 with the small radius curve on the inside and the circle (electric blue) on the outside.

SmRadCrvLgDiaPipe.3dm (258.2 KB)

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Depending on the accuracy you need, this technique is very simple and fast.
I show points, select the ones that overlaps, start MoveUVN and move the “Smoothing - U” slider to the right as much as needed.
You’ll find the before/after in the attached file.
SmoothPipe.3dm (687.2 KB)