Tubing incorrect

I tried to run a tubing set various values ​​of tolerance, but the result is never acceptable. For example, at 0.01 is not executed. With a value of 0.05, the intersections are not performed correctly, as well as 0.1.
Or is this a bug, or you have to understand what you need to set the right value tolerance: you could not put in the command line option “tolerance”?
(with the command Sweep1 everything works)

Check it out.
Pipe and Sweep 1 incorrect.3dm (58.7 KB)

Another example. I think the command “tubing” should be revised, shall we?
PipefailExample.3dm (862.9 KB)

Which command are you using? There is not a “tubing” command in the English version of Rhino 5. Do you mean the Pipe command? If Pipe then what tolerance are you referring to?


The command is “Pipe”. I used different tolerances, but nothing.
You can try it too.

The problems appear to be the surfaces are not being trimmed at the kinks. This is very similar to the well known problems with the fillet commands at corners.

It is possible to manually trim the surfaces at the corners. I did so in one of your examples by exploding the polysurfaces from Pipe, intersecting the exploded surfaces, and then using the appropriate portions of the intersected curves to trim the surfaces.

Yes, these commands cannot handle tight corners where the inside radius of the pipe causes the pipe to self-intersect.

it is still all very strange, this example of my pipe I did long ago, and oddly enough, in previous versions of Rhino 5 (I mean SR) worked in low tolerances, but not anymore!
From version to version, some things work better, but others are not performed more … it is my impression, i noticed, for example, with the sweep, with fillet, or with pipe, as in this case.

If you find things that used to work, but now don’t, these are bugs, and we need to see example models. This should not happen.

Margaret, here you are satisfied, another example of a pipe that fails.
Sweep 1 and Pipe variable radius error.3dm (144.3 KB)

Are you telling me that this worked in Rhino 4 but does not work in Rhino 5?

What do you expect to happen at the corner? Should this make a miter?
MiteredTubes.3dm (85.9 KB)

I remember that this test (first file posted here) I’d run with a low tolerance in early versions of Rhino 5 (SR earlier); I hope not to be wrong, but I’m sure that once I was able to run both the sweep 1 that the pipe.
(the file you posted I can not open it).

Oh. Sorry. It was made with Rhino 6. Oops. I was testing to see if there were any better results.

MiteredTubes.3dm (82.3 KB)

If I set the tolerance to 1, I get a result in all three cases.

PipeTest3.3dm (261.7 KB)

I hope that in Rhino 6 engine intersection is better, especially for cases like these. I do not want you dragged these problems, from version to version. I tried to set different tolerances, but nothing, the result is poor!

it is frustrating each time, for this kind of situation, having to search for the correct parameter tolerance who runs these pipes. The software should provide for automatically finding the most appropriate solution, otherwise you go crazy!
After 5 versions of Rhino, the pipe, with any type of curve, it should work fine, you should be a condition established, given that almost all CAD can do this kind of operation, including MOI, solidThinking and Alias.

Please fix this for V5 too.
I just say that so you don’t start pushing this kinds of “fixes” to the next version.
Piping is used much by architects.

Holo, as I said before, I found that from version to version (SR), the pipe work, sometimes yes, sometimes no.
This should be a staple, not an uncertainty continues!
What do you say? What will happen, that in Rhino 6 we will have some things that worked previously will no longer work?
The problems should be solved restre resolved in future versions, and instead often this does not happen for some tools … strange!

Davide, please stop.

Evolution of software requires that stuff is rewritten, stuff that other stuff relies on, so stuff will stop working and start working again when the developers are aware and have time to fix it. Time is affected by priority.
Just supply the bugs with examples and hopefully it is fixed in the next SR.

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Ok Holo, i’m sorry :frowning:

No worries.

Just grab a small beer and keep smiling!


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This is a fix that goes beyond what can be done in a service release. Don’t look for any changes until V6.

@davide76 I still want to know if this kind of piping worked for you in the past. What version of Rhino. I can’t find a Rhino version where this kind of right-angle piping worked. If you can make an example, I would love to see it.