Trying to replicate my V6 Dark UI on V7

So I built a dark theme for my V6 UI by changing colors in the “advanced” options. (Pic 1)

I’m trying to replicate it in V7 but have run into a problem with Rhino.Options.UiPaintColors.TextEnabled.
I have that set to White (#FFFFFFFF) in V6, and the text in the UI is changed to white, but the text in the panels like Layer stays black on the white background. However, the same change in V7 makes all the text including panels white and therefore invisible on the white panel background. (Pic 2.) Is there a way to get the separation between the texts like in V6, or any way to make the panels’ background dark?

Hi -
As you noticed, things have changed.
You could use the PackageManager to download the colorscheme plug-in to possibly get into the direction that you want to go.

Thanks. I’ll have to create from new, but that helps.