Rhino 7 control color of text box in panel

I use a customized dark mode in Rhino 7 (Not SetColorScheme), and I’m finding that some of the text boxes in the panels are difficult to read. Please note the Name field in the Materials Panel. When not selected, the text is light on a dark background. When I try to change the name, the box highlights white, but the text also remains white, thus becoming invisible.

Is there a way to control this behavior in the color settings?

Hi Mike- these are bugs that need to be picked off- that one appears to be fixed in our latest here.



Hi @pascal. Thanks for the quick reply.

I thought I was on the latest version. I’m using Rhino 7 sr24. Rhino says it’s the most recent. Am I missing a version?

Ah - the image is from V8/WIP. That is where the fix is. Sorry, I spaced on the perfectly clear ‘Rhino 7’ in your title…
Let me see if I can find the right color in V7 options
It looks like you might be able to mess with this color:


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To be clear, I’m missing the text visibility here:

Interestingly, I’m also missing the greyed out text in the right-click options for the materials.

Dark Rhino 7

Dark Rhino 6

LOL! Yep, it’s working fine in my version of the WIP too.

Yeah, that’s the one I’d changed to get the dark background in the panels.

Changing it back to white makes my white text unreadable.

What makes this really odd is that it doesn’t affect all text input boxes in the interface. Here’s an example where the text box behaves as expected in the BoxEdit panel.

When I type in a value, the background remains dark and the light text is legible. How do I get the Material panel to behave in the same way?